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UberCloud Compendium With Energy Case Studies

This UberCloud Compendium contains 10 case studies on 50 pages which are related to the Energy sector, selected from the 220 UberCloud Experiment projects performed so far, including applications from oil & gas, mining, electrical, geo-thermal, wind, and water power, and turbines and electrical power transformers. In each of the case studies, we document the results of the engineering teams, their findings, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations.
Table of Contents:

Gartner Names UberCloud a Cool Vendor in Oil & Gas
Acknowledgement to our UberCloud Experiments Sponsors
Team 218: Overhead Power Lines Lifespan Assessment in Preventive Maintenance
Team 217: Migrating Engineering Workloads to the Azure Cloud – An FLSmidth Case Study
Team 198: Kaplan turbine flow simulation using OpenFOAM in the Advania Cloud
Team 189: CFD Simulation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Team 182: OpenFOAM CFD Modelling and Product Optimization of Dry-type Transformers
Team 165: Wind Turbine Aerodynamics with UberCloud ANSYS Container in the Cloud
Team 154: CFD Analysis of Geo-Thermal Perforation in the Cloud
Team 105: Dam Break Simulation Using Hydro_AS-2d on a Remote HPC Cluster
Team 99: North Sea Asset Life Extension – Assessing impacts on Helicopter Operations
Team 34: Analysis of Vertical and Horizontal Wind Turbines
Last but not least, we want to thank our main Compendium sponsors Hewlett Packard and Intel !
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