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Establishing the Design space of a sparged bioreactor on Microsoft azure

ANSYS FLUENT in UberCloud Containers

The scale-up of pharmaceutical laboratory mixers to a production tank is not a trivial task as it requires a thorough understanding of complex turbulent and multiphase processes impacting oxygen mass transfer. The main objective of this study is to understand the impact of agitation speed and gas flow rate on the gas holdup and mass transfer coefficient, which are two critical parameters that help process engineers understand mass transfer performance.  

End-User/CFD Expert: Sravan Kumar Nallamothu, Sr. Application Engineer, and Marc Horner, PhD,
Technical Lead, Healthcare, ANSYS, Inc.
Software Provider: ANSYS, Inc. and UberCloud Fluent Container
Resource Provider: Microsoft Azure
HPC Expert: Shitalkumar Joshi, ANSYS, and Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud.


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ansys reactor.png