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ubercloud compendium

2019 UberCloud Compendium 

Technical computing in the cloud

The Annual UberCloud Compendium of Case Studies is out! This is the 6th edition of a set of case studies relating to the world of Technical Computing. This year's collection features case studies based on 13 select UberCloud Experiments. They deal with a variety of use cases in a diverse array of fields:

Fortune5000 Companies Using Cloud
- Migrating Engineering Workloads to the Azure Cloud – An FLSmidth Case Study
- Overhead Electrical Power Lines Lifespan Assessment in Preventive Maintenance

The Living Heart Project
- Fluid-Structure Interaction of Artificial Aortic Heart Valves in the Cloud
- Simulation of a Personalized Left Atrial Appendage Occluder Device using the Living Heart Model

Artificial Intelligence
- Deep Learning for Steady-State Fluid Flow Prediction in the Cloud
- Deep Learning in CFD in the Cloud
- Demonstrating a Machine Learning Model for Predictive Maintenance in the Cloud - Part I
- Demonstrating a Machine Learning Model for Predictive Maintenance in the Cloud - Part II

Traditional Engineering CFD Applications
- Establishing the Design Space of a Sparged Bioreactor on Microsoft Azure
- Modelling Moisture and Moisture Transfer Within a Residential Condominium Tower in the Microsoft Azure Cloud
- Ninth Graders Designed Flying Boats in ANSYS Discovery Live in the Azure Cloud
- Aerodynamic Study of a 3D Wing Using ANSYS CFX in the Advania Data Centers Cloud
- Racing Car Airflow Simulation with ANSYS Fluent in the Opin Kerfi HPC Cloud

You can now download the 2019 UberCloud Compendium for free.

We are extremely grateful for the support of our UberCloud experiments by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel, and by our primary Media Sponsors Digital Engineering and HPCwire, and the invaluable case studies they generate, as well as this Compendium series.


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2019 UberCloud Compendium